Biden Administration Offering Grants to Defiant School Boards

As of Thursday, September 9, the Joe Biden administration is busy making huge news in America as it tries to mandate that every private business with over 200 employees forces its employees to get vaccinated. And we mean fully vaccinated, which will eventually be three shots, quarterly boosters, and twice-daily pills. Half the country is shouting that we need mandates, and private businesses have no right to do what they want, while the other half is shouting that "private businesses can do what they want" is the entire reason Facebook and Twitter haven't been shut down and charged with treason for plotting a coup against an American president. So, it's really odd. Though Joe Biden is also making news for offering grant money to Florida school boards who willingly break state law.

What we know about the grants is this: Joe Biden is spending federal taxpayer dollars to give Florida school boards a basic blank check to fight Florida in court. The issue is simple enough to follow. Florida claims that its public schools are not allowed to mandate masks and force little kids to wear them. Though there are more than a few public school districts and activist teachers who go so far out of their way to force masks on kids that some of them have committed literal child abuse by holding down and taping masks to children's faces. According to the Biden administration, mandating masks on children is a noble thing, the "American" thing to do, and he's showing his appreciation for this by providing legal aid through open-ended grants to schools who might end up in state or federal supreme court.

The craziness of this situation has taken many people by surprise. One might expect a few left-wing school districts in right-wing Florida to defy a law. Happens all the time in almost every state. But never before in history has a sitting president took the side of the people breaking state law and actually paid for their defense through legal grants.

The Constitution is Relative

The party that's not in power in America loves citing adherence to the Constitution as some hallowed standard, while the party in power never even admits that the Constitution exists. That is not a political statement; that is a factual statement. During the George W. Bush administration, the Constitution was just a worthless piece of paper in the way of the Patriot Act, which was passed under his presidency and has just increased in its powers under each new president. Under Joe Biden's presidency, states' rights are just a nuisance. Maybe you agree that the federal government needs to trample on states' rights due to the pandemic. Many people do believe that; it's common for the party in power to justify skirting the Constitution, the same way it's common for the party not in power to cite it constantly.

Though the fact remains that the United States Constitution makes it rather clear that Florida has the right (the obligation even) to govern itself on matters like health mandates. In this case, it's mask mandates for schools due to COVID, or so the federal government says. Though there are plenty of critics who just point out that the Joe Biden administration, not even a year into its first term, has already done more to bully states than any other administration in history. The fact that the federal government is fully backing entities that break state law is an unprecedented move in America. Never before in this nation's history, post-Civil War, has the federal government stepped in to explicitly control a state's actions.

The state of Florida was perfectly within its rights to ban mask mandates. Whether that's a smart decision, a good decision, or a decision in line with the popular TV science of the day is not the issue on the table. The issue on the table is does the federal government have a right to interfere with state law? Again, it depends on which party you support. This is not a Biden-specific thing, nor a Democrat-specific thing. Each party in power tries more and more to expand that power, and it polarizes America even more.

The simple fact is that we have a situation now where the federal government is using taxpayers' dollars to help defiant school boards literally break the law. No matter where you stand on the spectrum, you will eventually stand back from this and realize what a total mess this is for America. This may end up being the point where states start demanding secession. And everyone knows what happened the last time states started demanding that under President Lincoln.

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