A Shocking Lack of Homeless Grants

Since the start of the pandemic in America nearly two years ago now, the United States has spent over an estimated $7 trillion on the federal level alone. The bulk of this money has been wrapped up in huge programs and corporate bailouts. As per usual with the American government, the companies that are in little danger of failing and little need of help receive the most help. Though critics of government are starting to get very angry about something else being noticed now, and that's the fact that the absolute most vulnerable people in America are entirely ignored by the government. It would seem as if there are grant initiatives for the super wealthy and the supposedly oppressed minorities, but not a penny to spare for America's homeless.

The lack of grants that are given to homeless shelters and missions and soup kitchens is shocking. It is estimated that around 600,000 people in America are homeless, many of whom are veterans of America's armed forces. Yet despite how bad things get for the homeless, they seem to receive zero help from the federal government.

Communities of people in cities who already have their rent, utilities and food subsidized are handed even more in grants and rewards for being racial minorities and supposedly oppressed by the very system giving them those things. Rich people who own massive properties and successful businesses are handed money like Christmas gifts. Media collectively encourages this. Whether a left-leaning TV program or a right-leaning news radio show, they're constantly speaking about the importance of the government funding these sorts of demographics. One loves the government's funding of the minority class, while the other roots on government's funding of the elite class.

Neither, however, manage to speak a single word about America's nearly 600,000 homeless people who, unlike those other groups, are actually hungry. Homeless people are not overweight at an 80% clip. Homeless people are not in the top 1% of all society. Homeless people also do not pay taxes, and most do not vote, so they're incredibly easy to ignore from on high.

What's equally disturbing in this trend of the homeless being ignored is the fact that most private grants ignore them also. There have been billions of dollars given out in private grants this past year to supposed victims of oppression via minority groups, and now the newest trend is to lavish money on immigrants who entered America through the Mexican-American border. We mustn't allow those people to go without homes. Media constantly reminds us that to not spend tens of thousands of dollars one very man, woman and child to put them up in hotel rooms and to bus them wherever they would like to go is xenophobic discrimination and against everything America stands for. Sheltering immigrants who illegally pour into the nation with the federal government's blessing is the moral thing to do, and a hundred different media networks will tell you that as a matter of fact every single day in this nation.

When is the last time they spoke a single word about America's homeless population? This is especially disturbing when you consider that this same media and this same government is still, in summer of 2021, speaking about how important it is to shelter in place as much as possible during this ongoing pandemic. That's half the reasoning for putting illegal immigrants into housing on the taxpayer dime; busing them into towns and cities that were not asked, and paying for their accommodations, no questions asked. America's citizens, however, are flatly ignored and stepped over if they're homeless. Both by government and private organizations.

Raising Awareness for Homelessness

It would seem as if there's little one can do to raise awareness for this issue. We all know it; we've all seen it. There are a lot of people who would read this article and literally claim it is "racist" or "xenophobic." Why would they do that? It's a lot easier to get angry about some things than others. If someone gets mad at a piece of news opinion calling out the absurdity of caring for immigrants but not our own homeless, they can "fix" that by leaving a negative comment or shutting down the page. There! They've done something. Though homelessness is an actual problem, and most would rather not think about it too much, like that old saying about people not wanting to know how the sausage is made.

The fact is that the homeless in America need help desperately, yet they're not even on anyone's list to help. This is a problem.

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