Covid Vaccinations Get Boost Through Kaiser Permanente Grant

There has been a never-ending stream of controversy surrounding the series of Covid-19 vaccines ever since they were announced completed late last year. Of course, since they were announced under former President Donald Trump, media and big-tech pilloried the vaccine as a cheap ploy. Now that President Joe Biden has taken Trump's place, the tune has changed and those same entities are urging the entire nation to get vaccinated. One thing holding up vaccinations for a lot of people, of course, is that they live in poorer, undeserved communities. To help these people receive a vaccination, Kaiser Permanente is offering $5 million in grants to nonprofits around the Redwood City area in Northern California.

Kaiser is hoping that $5 million is enough to nonprofits so that they can mobilize the vaccination and actually bring it to the community, rather than expecting that a poor community can make it to their doors. Kaiser will also be providing strategic support to a variety of community organizations, with the goal of getting as many people vaccinated as possible.

The conditionality of vaccinations has been in flux since Biden took office. No one is quite sure what the future holds. While the idea of a “vaccine passport” was called a horrible conspiracy theory months ago, Governor Gavin Newsom has actually floated the idea on many different occasions that in order to return to life as normal, and to remove one's mask or reopen a business, a “vaccine card” must be presented as proof that one is vaccinated. How this differs from a “passport” is anyone's guess; though sometimes it really is about the name one gives a thing.

Kaiser isn't the first medical organization to hand out grants, nor will they be the last. Though despite the fact that some of this money will be used for mobilization and outreach, Kaiser makes it very clear what the bulk of this money is to be spent on: Building confidence in the vaccine. In other words, since minority groups in America tend to be more distrusting of government, particularly vaccines, due to the history of the nation, organizations like Kaiser are spending millions of dollars to convince these communities that they need to take the vaccine.

This is where we run into some serious issues of polarization. And, unfortunately, one cannot trust the nation's mainstream media to properly inform us all on what's happening out there.

The Untold Truth of Vaccines

While mainstream media, the Biden Administration, and some of the world's richest tech billionaires give Americans a huge push and suggest everyone should be vaccinated, twice, there are a lot of people who do not want the “jab,” as they've taken to calling it. And, sure, it would be one thing to say that these are all ultra-right-wing people who are just “conspiracy theorists.” It's easy to confide them to the realm of crazy, when these mainstream entities get to make the rules. But the truth is that those “crazies” are only a very tiny percentage of people who do not want the vaccine.

Nearly 50% of all medical professionals, and even the people who worked for the pharmaceutical firms that made the vaccine, have taken a strong stand against it. “This virus has a 99.8% survival rating with adults, 100% for children,” said a nurse in a viral TikTok video. “Why do I need to take a vaccine that has a higher likelihood than that of causing severe complications?”

Now, whether or not you take the vaccine is entirely up to you. Though because those big, bright, colorful news shows seem to be entirely allergic to telling you the truth, which is ironically the only reason they're supposedly granted freedom to operate, you have to find the truth elsewhere. The truth is that the vaccine is as polarizing as Donald Trump and Joe Biden, though for different reasons entirely, generally speaking.

Do not be fooled into believing that the entire nation is waiting on bended knee for a vaccine, and it's those crazy right-wingers keeping the rest of us back. It's actually half of all medical professionals who refuse the vaccine due to insanely large number of complications. So, grant or no grant, the medical community being silenced in the mainstream right now asks that you're very careful about what people urge you to put into your bodies. “Remember, they used to tell us cigarettes and sugar were healthy,” the same nurse from TikTok ended.

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