Electric Vehicle Charger Grants Given in Alabama

Per the mainstream American consensus, which conveniently pours out of only New York and California, states like Alabama, in the “deep south” of America, are holding the rest of the nation back due to their reluctance to fund things like green energy. It's an odd sort of arrangement, the mainstream media. It has gotten to the point now where a state can do something, the media refuse to cover it, then the media get to claim that the state did not do that thing. Any impartial observer can see how odd this is. So, when a state like Alabama announces that it's giving grants in 7 of their counties for electric vehicle chargers, one might suspect that would make the American-Authority news happy. Instead, they ignore it.

This is a small story out of Alabama that has yet to be covered outside of the state. Breaking from Montgomery, AL, on June 12, it was reported that with a windfall of money from a legal settlement, Alabama officials will be using these funds to create electric vehicle charging stations at 18 sites over the span of 7 counties. In effect, this means that every single person in the state of Alabama will be within a driving distance (charge's worth) of an electric charging station.

The grants total over $4 million and every penny will be used to create electric vehicle charging stations, claimed the governor's office. Many of these stations will be conveniently placed along Interstate 20, with additional stations popping up in Green, St. Clair, Tuscaloosa, Jefferson, and other counties in the state.

While you have likely never heard so via popular media sources, Alabama has actually been leading the charge for green, clean renewable energy for years now. To no fanfare, Alabama assisted the EPA in filing a lawsuit against Volkswagen, who violated the Clean Air Act. They ended up settling out of court for an undisclosed sum, and Alabama's governor Kay Ivey decided that this money would be best spent actually assisting in the fight for clean air and fewer carbon emissions.

It's a fairly big story. It's certainly more advantageous to our planet than digging up something former President Donald Trump said in 2017. Though do not expect to read about this good news in many other locations.

The Irony of Electric Vehicle Power

It is a tough field to navigate, if you want honest assessments of things considered “green energy.” For instance, you have a mainstream media, whose thousands of papers, shows and magazines are all owned by the same handful of mega-corporations, and they all sing the praises of what they call green and renewable energy, and you will rarely if ever find a piece explaining how it all works, much less speaking negatively about the genre.

It is safe to say that everyone would love a stable climate, an environment free of pollution, and green, clean, renewable energy that's affordable (if not free) for all. Though as a lot of critics have pointed out, it's an odd thing to call something “green” when you have to haul an electric car-charging generator in on the back of a diesel-fueled tow-truck, and then use a diesel-fueled combustion-engine generator to create the electricity that charges the car.

In essence, claim some critics, the electric car that's on the roadways, supposedly helping to save the planet, is using, at bare minimum, four-times the amount of fossil fuels to keep it charged. The same holds true with power plants. When an electric car owner plugs up their eco-friendly automobile, it's likely being charged off of the back of a coal-fired power plant.

Advocates for electric cars claim that this is the wrong way to look at the genre. True, in their infancy, electric cars are not perfect and do require traditional power sources to charge. However, the fact that every electric car on the road means one less car polluting the atmosphere and emitting carbon is a good thing. The more electric cars we have, the more the market will adjust to create more efficient versions.

When it's all said and done, electric cars are objectively a good thing. How they affect the environment isn't nearly the concern it's made out to be, as the human race will certainly run out of fossil fuels eventually. Having something to take its place is imperative. So that states like Alabama are helping spur the genre forward is a start to a big step for us all.

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