Walmart and Kroger Announce Millions in Grant Awards for Black History Month

Walmart and Kroger Announce Millions in Grant Awards for Black History Month

Several companies, like Kroger and Walmart, are taking drastic steps to address racial inequality by offering grants to non-profit institutions for Black history month.

Kroger Foundation Grants

On February 1, 2021, the Kroger Foundation announced new grant recipients for organizations that address racial reconciliation. Grants were awarded to:

  • Black Girl Ventures

  • Thurgood Marshall college fund

  • Everytable

  • Local Initiative Support Corporation

The winning organizations will receive a cumulative $3 million in compensation. Funds were awarded through the “Build It Together” initiative.

Walmart Vaccine Grants

Since it is the first day of Black History month, Walmart has proclaimed that it will distribute grants to 16 non-profit companies that work to bring racial healing and awareness inside America.
Grant awards for 2021 are $14.3 million. However, this is part of the broader package as Walmart expects to keep its promises to associates and customers. Five years ago, the CEO for Walmart promised aggressive action to make society a more equitable place.
He pledged $100 million in grants over a five-year period with a new website to promote racial justice at —the center for racial equity.
The first round of grants for $2.75 million have been set aside to fight the COVID pandemic and educate the public about the viability of the new vaccines submerging the market for 16 organizations. A few of the first round of recipients are:

  • The Conference of National Black Churches

  • UnidosUS

  • National Council of Asian Pacific Islander Physicians

  • Center for American Indian Health

  • Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health

  • NAACP Empowerment Programs

It is the mission of the initiatives to fight impoverishment in the four realms of society: healthcare, criminal justice, financial, and education. The Center for Racial Equity wants to address the factors that cause deep systemic racism and promote change is society thinking and outcomes. Through the fund, the center will promote change in society with advocacy, research, and innovation of practices and procedures.

Food Deserts

Another area the Walmart Foundation is focusing aid is for affordable food choices for urban cities. Many urban city areas do not have a local grocery, fast becoming a food desert.
The grants to Atlanta and Chicago will change this outcome. Recipients for these major cities will have access to loans and grants through the Bernard J. Tyson fund. Over 40 million in loans will become available for entrepreneurs and faith-based community organizations. They will work to increase affordable food for communities of color.

Education Grants

Approximately $1 million has been set aside for education from the Walmart Foundation Grant. The Student Freedom Initiative, a grant recipient, will use the funds to promote STEM education within HBCUs degree programs. Juniors and seniors would receive assistance to pay tuition and student loans.
The Martin Luther King Center would receive $100,000 in grants to teach King’s six-part series on affecting social change through non-violent means at its centers and leadership camps.

Philanthropy at Work with Walmart

On represents the major philanthropic activity for the Walmart foundation. The company has 2.2 million associates worldwide with stores in 26 countries.
The Walmart foundation works with local authorities to fight injustice, hunger, and to spark lasting change for local economies. Its associates tackle social issues to bring about a permanent change in society.
Inquiring workers have opportunities for growth and advancement through the corporate ladder, and they can take part in building stronger communities.
Besides associates, Walmart works with third-party vendors and suppliers who in turn hire millions of workers. Local workers have opportunities to grow local food at home while advancing food availability for their economies.
The motto of Walmart is to live better and save money. Products can be purchased anywhere around the world and online. The store has products available online and in 11,400 stores, represented in 26 countries.
Each week, 265 million customers visit a Walmart supercenter, store, or neighborhood market. Revenues were strong for 2020, with proceeds standing at $524 billion. With each passing step, customers and associates alike, make a difference, affecting change in society with low prices and friendly customer service.

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