Looking to Hone Your Grant Writing Skills? Read These Books First

Regardless of if you are a novice grant writer or if you are simply looking to improve your skills in this field, picking a few quality books on the subject can improve your writing immensely. Even if you are an experienced grant writer, it never hurts to brush up on your skills or learn new techniques. Here are five of the best books on the subject that you may want to check out, regardless of where you are in your grant writing professional journey.

Grant Writing for Dummies - Beverly A. Browning

This is a great book if you are just getting started in the field of grant writing. This book provides detailed instruction on how you can compose winning grant proposals. Whether you are looking to find funding from corporations, the government, or charitable foundations, this book will show you the way. The step-by-step guide provides information about research, dealing with the application process, and more. The book also includes extensive information about how you can personalize your writing with your own unique style to win more funding. The revised edition delivers the most current information in the field, helping you to stay on top of the latest trends in grant writing.

Webster's New World Grant Writing Handbook - Sara D. Wason

Brought to you by the experts at Webster's, this book is a comprehensive guide to grant writing. You will first learn how to define your project before diving into the process of combing through a foundation's guidelines and rules so that you can craft your proposal with ultimate precision. This manual also shows you how to follow up with your proposal. The book contains a host of expert advice and illustrative examples to help you to learn more about this profession.

Grant Writing Revealed: 25 Experts Share Their Art, Science, & Secrets - Jana Jane Hexter

You will learn from the best when you read this book. This collection of advice from experts is aimed at experienced professionals in the non-profit world. The 25 featured experts boast over 400 years of combined experience on the scene with over 24,000 proposals to their names. The experts share what has worked for them, what has not worked for them, and how they are able to consistently deliver successful proposals. This book reads less like a how-to manual and more like a collection of secrets that you will be able to apply to your skillset.

Perfect Phrases for Writing Grant Proposals: Hundreds of Ready-To-Use Phrases to Present Your Organization, Explain Your Cause, and Get the Funding You Need - Beverly A. Browning

Grant writing expert Beverly Browning is back with a book focused on how you can use the power of words to sell your cause. This informative and easy-to-read book helps readers to find the right words for all sections of every proposal, starting with introductions, goals for funding, and the supporting documents. Do not discount how the most impactful words can have a significant effect on the success of your grant proposal.

The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need: A One-Stop Source for Every Writing Assignment - Susan Thurman

In addition to learning the ins and outs of the specific field of grant proposal writing, you also need to be a skilled writer in general. This handbook is an invaluable resource for any grant writer. This resource helps you to deliver clean and concise writing that is free of grammatical errors and rich in content. English teacher Susan Thurman is certainly an expert in this field, helping you to understand the various parts of speech that make a solid sentence. You will also learn the most common punctuation and grammar mistakes so that you are sure not to make these same errors. You will appreciate having this book on your shelf any time you have a question.

These five books all provide a great starting point as you continue to craft your trade in the exciting field of grant writing. Even if you feel as if you are an experienced grant writer, you would be remiss if you are not always striving to improve your skills. This emerging industry changes quickly, making it important that you stay on top of your grant writing game through the use of continuing education and written resources.

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