Singer Beyoncé Will Offer Thousands in Grants for Rental Assistance in 2021

The COVID-19 relief package is in limbo, and millions of Americans are at risk for evictions and foreclosures. The eviction moratorium expires on December 31. Thousands of dollars in back rent are due since many rental assistance programs deeded to help struggling Americans have expired.

Music superstar Beyoncé has come to the plate to help at-need Americans. The BeyGood Impact Fund will now support households during the current housing economic crisis.

Beyoncé started the organization earlier this year to fight the pandemic and make a difference. BeyGood helps families and businesses with basic support. Many families have been impacted by the pandemic, which resulted in illnesses, job loss, and an overall economic downturn.

Recipients can receive help with basic needs like:

  • Groceries

  • Water

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Household Goods

  • COVID-19 Testing

  • Mental Health Assistance

The Application Portal

The BeyGood Impact Fund will open the second phase of funding for those at the mercy of the housing crisis. Approximately 11.3 million of Americans won’t be able to pay the rent by the end of January.

The foundation will give 100 individuals and families at risk of eviction or foreclosure $5,000 grants. The board will choose recipients who could not pay the rent because of COVID infection or job loss.

The application process will occur on two separate dates. The NAACP will administer the program. The first round of online funding will begin on January 7, 2021. During that time, 100 recipients will receive a portion of the first round of funding. Respectfully, you can also apply in February for the second round of funding.

Black-Owned Business Grants

The BeyGood Small Business Impact Fund has, to date, given assistance to over 250 small businesses situated in disenfranchised areas with $10,000 grants. So far, more than 2,500,000 grants have been distributed to affected businesses. The NAACP processes grants on the 15th day of the month until the end of 2020.

Singer Beyoncé has donated $1 million to the NAACP fund. She will donate another $1 million in the future to assist minority-owned businesses. Adidas is partnering with the BeyGood foundation. The company will more than match Beyoncé’s contribution by setting aside $10 million for the next three years to fund the BeyGood foundation and social conscience and impact programs.

A few business grant recipients include:

  • New Rule

  • Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts

  • Leslie Andrews Photography

  • Almighty Clothing Line

  • Darko Byrd Tennis Academy

  • Little Giants

  • The Fade Factory

  • Curl and Co

  • Wanderstay

  • Cutztoo Barbershop

  • Humble School of Martial Arts

  • Mailbox Solutions

Meeting the Challenge

COVID-19 has disparately affected more minorities and communities of color. So many families live in areas where it is difficult to social distance. Multiple generations live together in one household. Obtaining simple masks may also be challenging because shopping areas are normally located in areas of affluence.

Disenfranchised areas were already lacking sufficient resources for health, housing, and education, now face daunting infection rates and increased fatalities. Moreover, these communities sometimes do not have access to adequate testing and healthcare for all.

The BeyGood organization is helping agencies that are at the forefront of the pandemic 24/7. Many organizations are also partnering with BeyGood to make a difference on the ground. They are addressing the dire needs of the public in the hardest-hit areas.

Some of these most pressing needs are providing face masks for the public, obtaining delicate hygiene items, food, water, and cleaning supplies. When at-risk households lack basic needs and supplies, mental anxiety becomes commonplace.

So that needs can be addressed, Jack Dorsey has teamed up with BeyGood to donate $6 million to local communities. Other partners include the National Alliance in Mental Illness or NAMI and UCLA. NAMI specializes in providing mental health services to the residents of New Orleans, Detroit, Houston, and New York.

Besides NAMI and UCLA partnering with BeyGood, a few other organizations assist with providing groceries to needy families. On average, one in six Americans goes to bed hungry, not having enough food to meet basic daily calories. Bread of Life, No Kid Hungry, Matthew 25 Ministries, and World Central Kitchen accept donations to combat food insecurity in America.

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