Illinois United Way Foundation Announces More COVID-19 Relief Grants

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress on March 27, 2020. It included more than $2 trillion in aid. The aid was to be disbursed over many months, allowing individuals, small businesses, nonprofits and other entities to weather the storm of COVID-19. The final distributions of the money are taking place now. On October 31, the United Way Quad Cities in Illinois released its second round of grants from their allotment of the funds.

How Much Money the United Way Quad Cities Is Distributing

The United Way Quad Cities announced on October 31 that it is distributing $150,000 to 17 local nonprofit organizations. This is the second round of funding from the CARES Act that the United Way received and distributed to smaller organizations within its umbrella in the Quad Cities.

Which Organizations Are Eligible for the United Way Quad Cities Grants

The $150,000 in grant funds were awarded to nonprofits that have stepped up to respond to COVID-19 relief efforts in the Quad Cities area. These organizations are helping with health services, educational programming, lost income and essential needs that people have as a result of the pandemic and its economic fallout. Each of the organizations receiving grant funds had to apply and state the goals and purposes of their projects and provide a cost estimate as well as information about any matching funds.

How the Grant Funds Can Be Used in the Quad Cities

The grant funds provided by the United Way Quad Cities can be used to support students who are engaged in remote learning. They can also be used to support technology and pay for telehealth services. Some organizations are using their funds for personal protective equipment for employees. Others are using the money to provide emergency shelter for families and adults. Organizations can also use the funds for ensuring the success of Quad Cities students.

Statement from the CEO of United Way Quad Cities

Rene Gellerman, who is the President and CEO of United Way Quad Cities, stated that the COVID-19 rebuilding fund helps address the long-term relief needs of citizens in the Quad Cities. The grant addresses the changing needs of the community and people whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic. The United Way Quad Cities identified resource and service gaps in the community in order to decide which organizations would receive the grant funds. The organization took a united and measured approach to distribute the money. The United Way Quad Cities' partners are helping get adults back to work and ensure financial stability. Their partners are also helping kids get back on track with remote and hybrid learning programs. Finally, the United Way Quad Cities is also supporting programs that help with mental health so that the community's residents can live happier lives.

Organizations That Received Grant Funds

The Child Abuse Council Quad Cities received $3,500 for project support. Christian Care received $10,000 to help with childcare and after school programs. The Clothing Center at Minnie’s Maison was awarded $5,000 to help people with clothing for job interviews. Handicapped Development Center received $2,088 for its social services. Marriage and Family Counseling Service of the Quad-Cities was awarded $7,500 for telehealth counseling services. One Eighty was given $10,868 for project support.

Project Renewal received $14,400 for helping people interview and get back to work. The Scott County Housing Council was given $15,000 for emergency shelter services and rental assistance. The Project of the Quad-Cities received $4,000 for general project support. The Salvation Army was awarded $15,000 for material assistance for residents of the community. Two Rivers YMCA was give $8,894 for emergency sheltering of adult men, and YWCA Quad-Cities also received $12,500 for family shelter services. YouthHope received $12,000 for mental health services.

Educational Programs That Received Grant Funds

The School Health LINK received $5,000 for school health services. Davenport Community School District was awarded $10,000 for PPE and remote learning support. Black Hawk College Foundation got $6,750 for remote learning assistance. Putnam Museum and Science Center was awarded $7,500 for programming.

Total Grant Distribution from the United Way Quad Cities

Since receiving its first allotment of the CARES Act money, the United Way Quad Cities has awarded 30 grants totaling $250,000. All of the funds have now been released from the COVID-19 Rebuilding Fund. The organization doesn't know if Congress will pass another economic stimulus bill before the close of 2020.

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