Unconventional Solutions for Your Pandemic Related Problems

Unconventional Solutions for Your Pandemic Related Problems

Grants of all denominations purport to help individuals, businesses, and communities recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Grant funds are available to help underserved members of our population, to solve legal problems, to end injustice and inequality, and for quantifiable treatment programs to end opioid addiction. You'll find your local community foundation has abundant funds for all nonprofits constructively meeting the needs of individuals negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Loans and grants are available to help homeowners, landlords, and tenants with home maintenance, mortgages, and property taxes. Funds are available to compensate landlords whose tenants are in default on their rent.

Local Community Foundation Pandemic Relief

Your local Community Foundation offers Covid-19 emergency grant funds to help your nonprofit meet the needs of your local geographic area. The funds are especially designed to meet the needs of vulnerable underserved youth, elderly, low socioeconomic status communities, school children without access to public school, and the homeless. The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore is liberally awarding $5,000 grants weekly to nonprofits who constructively service these populations.

JAMS Alternative Dispute Resolution

Beyond the obvious grant funds for individuals and small businesses, the JAMS foundation makes it possible for you to resolve legal problems from bills you can't afford to pay, breach of contracts, or a business partner who defaults on his or her and your financial obligations. The JAMS website offers multiple video tutorials that explain filing, choosing a neutral, and the mediation or arbitration process online. If your aspirations are partially or fully blocked by closures or losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may save several thousands of dollars in legal fees. The nonprofit JAMS Foundation made $10 million available to offer entirely free online alternative dispute resolution that can help you resolve conflicts and solve your pandemic related problems online.

NAACP Empowerment Programs to End Injustice and Inequality

NAACP empowerment programs for 2020 strive to improve community policing, voting rights, and access to public education. NAACP stakeholders, donors, corporate sponsors, and philanthropists make tax-deductible 501(c)(3) donations to national and local efforts to unify the voice of people of color to eliminate racial hatred and discrimination. NAACP funds may be used to ensure voting rights, economic equality, and social justice. The JAMS Foundation online platform is also available to end racism, injustice, and inequality.

Rural Development Measures to Help Businesses, Homeowners, Tenants

The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development offers immediate loan and grant funds for rural homeowners in single family homes, tenants in multifamily units, and loans, grants, and technical assistance to businesses. Forbearance on existing loans and funds to repair existing dwellings are available due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All printed resources on the rural development website are available in either English or Spanish.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has a $3 billion dollar fund to help states and Indian tribes combat opioid and prescription drug addiction. The funds are to treat and support recovering addicts and to prevent the abuse from reoccurring. The Department of Health and Human Services intends measurable scientific opioid addiction treatment that uses medication in the detoxification process with cognitive therapy continuing into the addict’s release into his community.

Relief for Tenants Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has $17.4 billion to help tenants with rent assistance, housing vouchers, public housing, and senior housing. Fannie Mae's website has a Disaster Response Network that includes a guide for tenants impacted by the coronavirus. HUD attempts to work with individuals and families to help them secure housing through budgeting and mentoring.

Project Porchlight Online

Project Porchlight strives to ensure that those recovering from a natural disaster, or in this case, the pandemic do not face their sudden losses alone. After a natural disaster, almost all survivors face financial hurdles with no idea of when or how they will be resolved. Project Porchlight helps make financial recovery swift and affordable by assessing the extent of the damage and planning recovery in detail. Porchlight applications are thoughtfully prepared and submitted to lenders who work with Porchlight to reduce the wait and minimize the effects of the disaster.

Grant funds are available to help individuals, nonprofits, and other small business recover from the pandemic. You may be able to save considerable legal fees for all issues related to personal injury accidents, family law matters, and the death of a loved one. Project Porchlight has a nationwide network of trained counselors and educators to assist impacted families.

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