Epic Games Announces Millions in Grants For These Types of Developers

If you are a developer who could use a little help kickstarting your project, a helpful source of funding may be Epic Games. The video game titan is mostly known for creating games like Fortnite, but they also do a lot to help smaller developers. In a recent announcement, Epic Games shared more information about their Epic MegaGrants program.

Epic Games Announces That 600 More Developers Have Received Grants

The Epic MegaGrants program first started a year ago, when Epic Games launched their program for small developer entrepreneurship. They set aside $100 million dollars in grants, alongside hardware like AMD processors. As of July 2020, $42 million of this grant money has been given away. Over 600 developers have successfully applied for and received funding.

This leaves more than half of the original grant fund available for future applicants. Sweeney says Epic wants to share the wealth that they received from Fortnite with other developers. Those who want to apply are encouraged to go ahead and fill out the grant request forms. Then Epic will take a look at your project and let you know if they have decided to provide a grant. Applicants do not have any deadlines for applying. Epic says they will continue giving out grants as long as there is funding.

What Sorts of Developers and Projects Can Receive Funding?

Epic has very flexible guidelines for who can apply for grants. Any person located anywhere in the world can apply. Single developers, small teams, and businesses can all apply for the grants. The only requirement is that your project use Unreal Engine, Epic's suite of creation tools. Of course one of the most common types of developers to get funding has been game developers. There are all sorts of small, independent games that have been able to launch thanks to Epic's grants.

However, there are also a variety of other applications for Unreal Engine. Developers using it for films, televisions, live entertainment, and other visual media are also welcome to apply. Any sort of educational material, including research, student projects, or educational curricula related to Unreal Engine are eligible for funding. Developers can also submit an application if they focus on developing open-source tools or software that will integrate with Unreal Engine. Non-Unreal Engine projects that focus on open-source 3D content creation are also eligible.

Epic's Selection Process for Awarding Grants

Everyone starts the grant application in the same way, by going to Epic's Unreal Engine website and filling out the form. Be prepared to provide information on what your project is, how your project will be used, and your next steps in development. If possible, include links to project builds or videos that provide more information on your project. Only those asking for more than $25,000 need to specify how they will use the funds.

Epic then evaluates all projects, giving equal weight to all applicants. Each project is considered based on whether Epic thinks the project is viable. Then they will consider whether your project is unique and high quality. The final thing they will consider is how much your project will benefit Unreal Engine and the 3D graphics community. Within 90 days of sending the application, you will hear from Epic. They may decline your grant, in which case you can develop the project further and then reapply. They may also ask for more information on the project, or they may go ahead and award your grant.

When Do You Get the Funds and How Can You Use Them?

If your grant application is approved, Epic will then give you the money as soon as possible. For grants of up to $25,000 you get the grant as a single payment. Those who are awarded a larger grant will get it in installments. Epic does not have strict regulations for when you get each installment. However, they will require you to show continued progress or planning before each new installment is paid out.

Epic has few rules for how you can use their grants. Anything that helps to make your project successful can be done with the grant. This can include purchasing materials, assisting with living expenses while you work on the project, or outfitting a workspace for your project. Epic does not require you to pay the grant back if your project changes or if you end up being unable to complete the project.

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