Want to Shop for a Cause? Support These Five Big-Box Retailers Today

It is not surprising that many big-box retailers create their own charitable branch to give back to the communities in which they do business. Not only does this provide significant tax advantages, but it also boosts the presence in the community and projects a positive image for the company.

While most of these programs focus on volunteering and employee match services, there are some that also deliver a robust grant initiative. Most companies focus on directing funds and volunteer resources to organizations that have a heavy presence in their local communities. There is also a significant component that leans on the resources of the retailer to give back in areas of their own expertise.

Here are five retailers that are truly making a difference through their grant programs designed to provide direct funding to nonprofit organizations.

Best Buy

The Best Buy Foundation has been established to close the education gap in teens by providing financial assistance for underserved communities. This program leans on Best Buy's position as a technology leader by giving money and access to the latest tools and equipment. Through the grant program, teenagers in need receive relevant training, technology products, and career opportunities. The foundation provides over $10 million in funding in partnership with various nonprofit organizations throughout the country.

The foundation was also instrumental in providing teen students with mobile hotspots so that they could participate in online learning during the COVID-19 school shutdown. The program also provided numerous grants to school districts so that they could provide laptops and other technology to their students and teachers in need. Using its already existing resources, the Best Buy Foundation was able to help educators turn on a dime when schools were forced to suddenly transition to an online learning platform.


The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation is invested in supporting the education and real-world training of healthcare professionals, providing communities with access to a myriad of services. The grant program invests heavily in developing clinical learning environments the promote diversity and inclusivity. The foundation offers two distinct grant programs referred to as the Board Grants and the President’s Grants. In addition, the Macy Faculty Scholars Program provides financial assistance to promising healthcare professionals so that they can continue to craft their trade.

Big Lots

With a defined focus on healthcare, education, housing, and hunger, the Big Lots Foundation has been instrumental in serving the regions in which the retailer operates stores. While any nonprofit in these four categories is eligible to apply for the grant money, the foundation is dedicated to providing ample opportunity to groups that serve women and children. Priority for the grants is given to nonprofits that have a Big Lots employee serving on the board or in some type of volunteer capacity. The program also has a strong interest in helping individuals to move from poverty to self-sufficiency.


The upscale retailer Nordstrom uses its Nordstrom Cares charitable branch to offer support to various nonprofit organizations throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This support comes in the form of direct cash grants, volunteer work, and the donation of Nordstrom resources. To be eligible for the grants, organizations must operate in a community served by Nordstrom. In addition to donating 1% of all gift card sales to needy organizations, the company is also intent on supporting children and empowering youth.


TJX is the parent company of TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshalls, Winners, Sierra, and HomeSense. Its charitable arm boasts a focus on helping vulnerable families and children across the US and Canada. The four main tenants of the foundation provide support for basic needs, education and training, care for life-threatening illnesses, and work to prevent domestic violence. In addition to its primary charitable goals, TJX also donates directly to disaster relief organizations as needed to support its communities in need. TJX operates three separate foundations in different areas of the world, supporting over 1,500 nonprofit organizations on a global scale.

Together, these five big-box retailers are making significant impacts on both their local communities and the world as a whole through their generous charitable foundations and grant programs.

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