Get a Free Cell Phone from the Government

If you are struggling financially and having trouble finding work, there are numerous cell phone providers that can provide you with a free phone through the government. You can obtain your phone by completing the following steps.

Sign Up for the Lifeline Assistance Program

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The government started the Lifeline Assistance Program (LAP) to get free cell phones to those in need. It is a highly successful effort that has seen millions of Americans signing up to get free cell phones that makes their lives easier each day. Currently, it is estimated that 15 million people have received a free phone that helps them to find employment, stay in touch with loved ones and get emergency help when required. Everyone needs a reliable communication device, and this program helps those who could not otherwise afford it.

If you are approved for a LAP phone, you can receive it from any regional or national cell service company that participates in the program, regardless of the state where you lives. Forty-nine of the 50 states are currently part of the program, including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Whether it is the city or the country, any qualified person can get a free government cell phone.

Steps to Get a Free Phone From the Government

If you need a free cell phone, you will need to determine if you are eligible to receive one. If you meet all the requirements, you need to take these three steps to complete the process.

#1- Find a provider. Each state has a list of providers who participate in LAP, and the specific eligibility criteria for obtaining a phone. This information can be found on the state's official website. After looking through the list, it's just a matter of narrowing down the choices.

#2- Make a choice. Each company on the list will have a link to a special page on its own website for more information. These pages will provide all the necessary details regarding plans, phones and how to contact the company about getting a free device. Every provider on the list should be researched and reviewed very thoroughly before agreeing to service. All cell companies must adhere to the parameters set by the Lifeline Assistance Program, but they are permitted to build their own plans and choose the phones that can be used with them. Both plans and phones can vary a great deal between companies, so make your choice carefully.

After narrowing the list down to a few possibilities, the next step is visiting each company's site to read about the phones that are available and the plans they can be used with. Calling the company directly will provide even more information to help make the correct choice. Being with the right company is important because the relationship will likely be for one year or more.

#3- Enroll in a program. Once a provider has been selected, you can enroll in the free phone program on the company's website or over the phone. Online enrollment is often a better choice because it is faster than waiting for a customer service representative to come on the line. The online option also allows you to submit the required paperwork to get the free phone.

After the enrollment phase, the program begins, and you will soon receive your new phone. The device will be sent by UPS, Federal Express or the U.S. Postal Service. Transit time depends on how quickly the cell company processes your order and the shipping method that is used to get the phone to you. You will need to be patient until the phone arrives. It should also be noted that LAP is not directly connected to the cell phone companies providing the devices and service, and it is not able to assist with application or shipping issues. When you get your new phone, it will come with instructions for activation and use.

When life becomes challenging, it is good to know the government is on your side. The Lifeline Assistance Program is there to provide you with a free cell phone if you need it. Just follow the steps above to get your new device as soon as possible.

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