Education Grants For The Unemployed

Finding yourself unemployed can be quite irritating. It could be depressing having to wake up each day and wonder just how you are going to survive through to the next day. Thankfully, there is great news if you are interested in getting back into school. Getting a good education is a great way to increase your odds of getting a new job. School can be very expensive.

However, there are many grants available for those who are unemployed to help offset the cost of going. Below are some types of grants you can apply for to help you.

Federal Pell Grant

The government's Pell Grant is one of the more popular types of educational grants available. It was designed specifically for people who have low income and want to finish up their education. More recently, some legislation has been passed that allows people who are unemployed to also get the federal Pell Grant.

To meet eligibility requirements for this grant, you may have not already earned an undergraduate degree. You are able to be enrolled in school either part-time or full-time to receive this financial assistance. Additionally, you must never have defaulted on any student loans that you took out in order to maintain eligibility.

There are many things that you are able to use the grant for if you get approved. You can use the funds to cover your tuition and any related school expenses. Related expenses may include books, supplies and anything you need for class. If you live on campus, you may use some of the funds to help cover your room and board costs as well. For recipients who have dependents, you may use some of the funds to help cover the cost of daycare or babysitting fees while you are attending class. The main determining factor for your eligibility will be your financial need and the amount of income you bring in already.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

If you received the Pell Grant and realize it's not enough to cover your school's expenses, you may also apply for the FSEO Grant. Undergraduate students are the only ones eligible to apply for this specific grant. When applying, you're going to be asked questions about your grades, your income and your financial need before they will determine your eligibility. Contact the FAFSA department if you need help filling out the application online or at the office.


For those who plan on majoring in education, you may be eligible for an additional grant called the TEACH grant. With this grant, you may receive an additional $4,000 each year to put towards the cost of your education. To receive this grant, you have to agree to get a job teaching in an area that has the most need. Additionally, you have to agree to work for a school that serves many low-income students for at least four years. While this grant is free to receive, you will have to pay it back if you don't meet each of the requirements you agreed to. To obtain this grant, you will have to complete a FAFSA application.

Career-Specific Grants

There are other types of grants that you can receive if you're going to a trade school such as a welding or truck driving school. These are considered career grants. Eligibility for these types of grants will depend on the types of skills which are required for the job. Many career schools offer their own grants to students thinking about applying with them.

Work Investment Act

The Work Investment Act is a program which is designed to help low-income individuals and the unemployed earn a trade or degree certificate. These grants will last up to two years of schooling. You are able to get assistance from this program if you are receiving things such as food stamps, unemployment checks or other types of public assistance. You may also receive assistance through this program if your last job was closed down.

Tuition Waiver

If you are over a certain age and find yourself interested in continuing your education, you might be eligible for what's called a tuition waiver. Many colleges and technical schools will offer discounted prices to eligible people who want to attend school and are over 50 years old.

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